rkkey replied to your post “INSTAGRAM UPDATE: nam woohyun just posted a new photo! (c) @namstar …”

bumkeyk: @namstar oh please we all know i can do better than you #loveyouhun #butnotlikethat

namstar: @bumkeyk ayye. lets hang out soon! #bcilavu2 #butnotlikethat srsly tho where u at ?

@gogumalove: @namstar えと。。thank you for taking care of me that one night.. i'm so sorry about the burden. @gogumalove: @namstar ehhhh~ you speak english?

@namstar: @gogumalove what’s えと? i dont speak sashimi sorry

@namstar: @gogumalove anything for you~ hearteu we should hang out sometime…

@namstar: @gogumalove well, do you? ^^


INSTAGRAM UPDATE: nam woohyun just posted a new photo! (c)


everyone’s sad this vday bc im not their date #letsbehonest #fact #selca #selfie #asian

@gogumalove: @namstar hi is this nam woohyun- i am seohyun or kiyoko

@namstar : @gogumalove yes this is the legendary namu tweeting ;)

@namstar : @gogumalove kidding. nice photo hearteu


So Jisub enters the room clad in a normal business attire with a clipboard tucked under his arm. He seats himself down while giving a warm smile to the contestant already seated on the chair across from his own. Yet, his gaze returns to being firm once his eyes start scanning the portfolio information that had been handed to him. He had purposely requested a private one on one interview to find out more about the soon to be trainees who were to represent his company. “Well, let’s begin, shall we?”  

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twitter update!

woohyun @namstar

5mins ago

oh my gos qkqks w i passed the first round fak the world loves me again

15 mins ago

today the espresso machine almost killed my right hand. the world is so cruel

confessions of a fanboy


( … )

as expected, hayi singing live is so much better than in television.

woohyun, with all his will power, tried not to scream or fanboy over the place knowing some people here were from the higher social class with their tacky business suits and fancy monocles. her voice really sounded serene, the kind that would definitely make any calm and feel at ease after listening to a song sung by her. of course, any of her re-created song is a favorite and the slower, much more bluesy version of bad girl good girl is just—sublime. he could not wait to congratulate her. should he? no, that’s too blunt. maybe next time

but what if there will be no next time?

he’s stuck between whether or not he should go and just shake her hand. the performance’s about to end and panic shoots through his veins. woohyun make up your fucking mind.

and he does, somehow. when the performance ends, he shoots up to clap then moves foward to shake her hand and maybe take a selca if she isn’t weirded out. hopefully, she wouldn’t, right? woohyun’s good looking, he’s not too shabby and maybe she’ll ask for his name. yes? maybe?

this is probably the first time his brain isn’t functioning correctly as it should be and before he even realized what had just happened, “oh my god.” hayi is less than a foot away from me. breathe “i’m really sorry, really. oh my god, did i hurt you?” and it goes on like that, as he takes hayi to the nearest empty seat. “no, no. it’s probably my fault—i didn’t see you coming down and i just wanted to congratulate you i mean you’re really great.” he’s babbling ad he needs to drink water to calm down. not a single glass of water is around.

woohyun triest to compose himself, a good fifteen second inner pep talk and smiles at her. “sorry, i was really flustered for a second. please let me do it again.” yes, that’s right. this is nam woohyun, smooth talker and a cool guy. “I’m woohyun and honestly, i’ve been a fan of yours ever since. i just wanted to say that i liked your performance today. you version is far more better than the original one.”